Order Forms

Important Information

NOTE: When stating your instrumentation and level of difficulty, it is helpful if it can be laid out as follows:

3 Flutes, Grade 2
1 Flute, Beginner
5 Recorders, G, A, and B only
1 Violin, Grade 4
6 Violins, Open Strings

Please avoid using words such as `medium` to describe an individual player`s ability. Use grades, or ranges of notes if possible. We will interpret `Easy` or `Beginner` as meaning a player with less than ones year`s experience.

If you are only ordering ready-printed music (e.g. Brass Starter-Ensembles) then you don`t need to specify any instrumentation.

Please allow up to two weeks for us to process your order, and complete the arrangements. It's usually much quicker than this, but you should allow plenty of time, in case we are busy.

To proceed with your order, please select one of the following:

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