Customer Comments

Extracts from just some of the letters we have received......

" Thank you so much, I really appreciate you doing this, it's just what I needed! Just finished an orchestra rehearsal playing some of your arrangements - the children love them & the music is so accessible for them. Every one a winner! "
E Bright

" Our school orchestra relishes playing your arrangements and pieces. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the work you do! "
B Curtis

" I thought I'd first let you know that your arrangement of the Aida March worked terrifically well. Just can't convey what a difference these arrangements have made to our concerts. "
A Bull

" I am very pleased to report that our Christmas Service was a huge success – the whole event went very well and we have had so much positive feedback.  The arrangements once again were super and the children worked very hard to produce something very special indeed.  Thank you very much for all your help on this.  "
L Conway

" Guitar parts are great and he was able to play them really well. "
N Barnfather

" We tried this yesterday. Sounds great! Thank you........ We did this one yesterday too. The children loved it! Really good.  "
S Stommel

" It's all great! Thank you we will have fun playing them. "
E Bell

" Many many thanks for this. These adjustments will make the piece so much more achievable for the students.  I appreciate your expertise and input. "
Y Barsanti

" Thank you, your pieces & arrangements are just SO good & work every time. "
E Bright

" We love your music - the school orchestra always sounds amazing and many children have only been learning an instrument for a term "
S Crowley

" We have several pieces of music from you which we are using with great success! We absolutely love the arrangements and I have been recommending you to all the music teachers I come in to contact with. "
S McLoughlin

" I am so grateful for this! You cannot imagine! A bit overwhelmed by Xmas preparations, I had forgotten to send you the key! Many thanks indeed and I will be ordering more via the website. "
C Bush

" Your musc is such a boon - and a considerable time- saver! "
S Adams

" Many thanks again for your invaluable  music service, we look forward to another year of wonderful music making using your arrangements.  "
S Gregory

" Thank you for the service you provide- it is saving me hours! "
M Heywood

" Thank you very much for the harp instrumental parts that you kindly wrote for me. I am very pleased with them and look forward to welcoming my harpist player into my orchestra this next term. You offer such a wonderful service. I don't know what we music teachers would do without you! "
J Akhtar

" We played a concert this week, using 6 of the pieces we have ordered from you. It was the first time our orchestra performed and people were blown away! "
S Stommel

" Our orchestra took part in the School Leavers Service in our church in the village yesterday playing Trumpet Minuet and Ode to Joy. I must tell you that it was its best performance yet –the arrangements were really super; Trumpet Minuet worked so well being such a positive piece and the gradual build up of instruments in Ode to Joy worked beautifully.  The 20 strong group of Y6 recorders sounded magnificent as they came in – it was a spine tingling moment and we have had so many positive comments from those parents who attended. Thank you so much for your involvement with this, we really appreciate it.  "
M Currie

" Just to say many thanks for your fabulous music over the years. I am now going to a new school and hope to set up an orchestra there. "
A Hughes

" Thank you. You are very diligent and thorough and I don't know what I would do without you!! "
J Turner

" Thank you for dealing with my order for Junior Orchestra so quickly, we received them on Saturday 3rd May before we went to our music centre! We sat the Junior Orchestra in with the Senior Orchestra to play them for the first time!  'Grand March of Aida' and 'Hall of the Mountain King'! It sounded fantastic! Praises and compliments of your arrangements. "
M Currie

" Many thanks for the fife sample music. It went down very well and the children managed to play it within a 30 minute lesson! "
D Blease

" Just to let you know that the music arrived safely with us today. I am delighted with what you have written and am particularly pleased with the recorder and cello and bass parts which I am sure will be achieveable for the players.  I also like the extra notes put into the clarinet part, should we need the support at that time.  Thank you so much for your efficient and knowledgeable service with these scores and all your supporting advice too; it is very much appreciated.  "
L Conway

" That is amazing service!! Thank you. "
Guy Saunders, Sevenoaks

" Wow!! What brilliant service!! Thank you so much for arranging the extra parts, I hugely appreciate it! "
E Bright

" Just wanted to say how great your arrangements are - thank you! "
C Lyons

" Just to say thank you very much for posting the music  " We Plough The Fields" .  I  very much appreciate you sending it before the rest of the order as we were able to rehearse the hymn (it sounded great, lovely arrangement and manageable for the new members!)  I am  relieved to know the orchestra will be able to get it ready in time for the imminent Harvest concert. Thank you once again for  all your help and excellent facility "
S Gregory

" Just to say thank you for the music you sent a month or so ago. We performed 4 of the pieces to great acclaim, your arrangements work brilliantly! "
P Sawyers

" Many thanks. Can't tell you how much I appreciate what you do - you make life very easy for a music teacher with no real experience of running an orchestra and the speed with which you do it is amazing! "
M Vipond

" Our recorder evening was very successful and the combined performance of Old Mac was brilliant - the parents loved it. Thanks for getting the music to me so quickly. "
Ceri Dash

" Thank you very much for the Score and parts for Mystery Mansion. The parcel  arrived in time for my Wednesday morning rehearsal and was a huge hit with my pupils!  I chose a special "Spooky" sound effect on the electronic keyboard and the arrangement worked   really well. e.g. not too difficult or too easy for the group  and  the piano part enhanced  the overall musical effect and encouraged them to keep going. (Great percussion too!) Glad to have discovered your site. I will  be forwarding my find to the other music teachers at school! "
S Gregory

" Thank you- they arrived today in time for our rehearsal. Our beginner orchestra is sounding good already -thank you! "
J Bransden

" Thank you so much for the great arrangements you have provided us with over the last few years. Our orchestra is in it's 4th year now, the children have so enjoyed playing your jazz selections especially. We are starting Vivaldi's Spring this Thursday. "
Caroline Fice

" We had our Xmas concert tonight and everyone was unanimous in saying it was our best ever, and I am sure that it was because the music suited everyone's abilities so the children were really proud to be able to play it. We did the Christmas starter kit and then Jingle Bells + Ye Jazzy Gentleman as the orchestral solo pieces. It was FANTASTIC, thanks so much! I am inspired to start looking ahead to our Spring Concert immediately……….so many pupils have been coming to ask if they can join the orchestra. Found the standard of the parts was spot on, …………open string parts (violin and cello) and easy recorder parts were a God-send for some children who would have given up otherwise. "
P Langton

" A quick e-mail to say thanks! We bought your 2nd School Orchestra starter kit, which turned out to be a perfect resource for our new orchestra. We are a middle school (9-13) and have a range of musicians from beginner through to grade 4 (mostly beginner!). We gave our first concert a few weeks ago and it was enjoyed by all. Your pieces allowed us to perform as an orchestra, and the students were encouraged in two ways - the first being that they could pretty much sight-read the music (with some fine-tuning required), and the 2nd being that they enjoyed playing the music (the pieces were received very well). 
thanks again for helping us to have a professional sounding orchestra at the 1st attempt (there were only 10 rehearsals before our 1st concert)
L James

" Thank you for your help. Our children always enjoy playing the music from yourselves ang get a real sense of achievement from it. "
N Barnfather

" Your arrangements went down very well with the girls and with the audience. "
R Peat

" Have recieved your first batch just wonderful thanks so much will tell everyone I know about your marvelous service for schools. The Quintal Bassonist was very pleased indeed. "
S Cain

" We've had such fun with the DJ Slav Cha Cha, Short and Sweet and Bailey's Blues. We entered the local Eisteddfod with these pieces and won! The adjudicator commented on how well the pieces had been arranged! We also played Now Thank We All our God and Love Divine at the Mother's Day service on Sunday. These were very well received and the band thoroughly enjoyed all seven verses of Love Divine! Thanks for the fab arrangements "
C Dash

" Your arrangements of Beethoven 7th Allegretto and the Purcell Rondeau were great for our last concert. "
P Sawyers

" Thank you, I like your music very much and so do so many of the children I have worked with. "
A Parry

" I had the first rehearsal this morning, and the pieces went down a real treat! "
M Penrose

" Thank you for providing this service. Your rates are very reasonable. I really agree with philosophy articulated in the statement 'help and advice for starting a new group'. Last year I joined all the strings, woodwinds, brass and guitars together in a large orchestra/ensemble for the first time (from beginners to advanced) - we performed your Tango and Cha Cha Cha and a couple of my own arrangements. Even the students playing open strings were incredibly enthusiastic about the experience - after 6 months of playing on their own they finally felt like they were making music. "
D Rooney

" Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your arrangements. We formed an orchestra of children, parents and staff of over 100 members, with only one rehearsal together! The sound was fantastic, and this wouldn't have been possible without your arrangements, as I wouldn't have known where to start. "
M Vipond

" Just wanted to let you know that I think your service is amazing! Have just received backing tracks and I think they may save the day for our Junior orchestra summer concert! If I play them loud enough the parents won't hear any wrong notes!! "
K Newell

" Many thanks in advance for the extra parts. Everything I have ever ordered from you has been a great success. "
M Vipond

" Just thought I would let you know that my players really enjoyed playing the two pieces I ordered from you for string orchestra: Miranda's Minuet and Short and Sweet. Fantastic arrangements, rewarding to play and well within their comfort zone. "
K Frost

" We had a monster-good day today with the cluster orchestra. The arrangements were great again, thank you. Swan Lake was extremely hard, but eventually extremely satisfying. Your two own compositions came together fairly easily, just as we wanted to build confidence. "
Guy Saunders

" Once again the recent arrangements you have done for us have great harmonies and the students love to play them. "
M Currie

" I am finding your website and service so useful having just been told about it and thank you for the music you have sent already. "
R Speed

" Both of my orchestras performed Junior Jazz at end of term concerts which the players thoroughly enjoyed rehearsing and the audience loved, so thank you very much "
A Migden

" I have really enjoyed your arrangements with my orchestra over the past few years. My children have really gained a lot in terms of confidence and experience. "
P Memela

" I am grateful for this 'cello part! I was looking around for manuscript paper to transpose it to bass clef! You have saved me a lot of time! "
L Hill

" What a fantastic service! The orchestra performed Junior Jazz and Chloe's Calypso in assembly last week and it went down very well. For a school which had no orchestra or choir prior to this, it seems like a little miracle! Your arrangements are so approachable and we find we can get one piece under our belt over one rehearsal so everyone feels good! "
K Doley

" I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful variety of music I am now able to offer my orchestra thanks to the discovery of your website. The parts are so easy to teach, rehearsals are lighthearted and fun and the time passes far too quickly! I no longer worry where I am going to find music which will suit everyone in my orchestra. "
L Ranger, Manor Fields School, Bishop's Stortford

" We have used many of your arrangements in our Junior woodwind group and they have been brilliant! The kids love them! Many thanks. Your web site is great and to hear the music too is very helpful! It's really helped us with our windband, as a lot of [other] music we had tried was just too difficult for them! "
S Perks, Forest Arts Music

" We have started our orchestra at St Martin's Primary school and I've got to tell you, your arrangements are phenomenal!
We are really having the time of our lives!
P Memela, St Martin`s School, Dorking

" Chloe's Calypso was fab today and we got through the WHOLE Water Music! They have loved it so I am thinking of ordering the other movement. The Junior Jazz for the Brass Group has been fantastic! Thanks again for your arrangements! "
L Hill, St Ronan`s School

" I have been meaning to e-mail you for a while to thank you for the arrangements I have purchased from you for the Summercroft Primary School orchestra and in particular for the Twinkle Twinkle Variations that you arranged especially for us. The Variations gave us exactly the right material for our Workshop Day with the London Mozart Players earlier in the term, helping to make it a really successful and enjoyable occasion. Last week I received the following comment from Margaret Archibald of the London Mozart Players as part of their evaluation of the day: "the especially commissioned music from Music by Arrangement gave us the perfect starting point for our day's work and final performance to the rest of the school." We performed the Variations and your Diamond Waltz again in our end of term concert last week. It was great to have pieces that catered for our younger beginners as well as stretching the more able musicians in Year 6. We have also enjoyed using your Starter Kit pieces throughout the year. So thank you once again for providing material that is just right for the youngsters in our orchestra. I shall be ordering more in due course! "
J Wood

" The boys have had enormous fun performing your arrangements.....thank you for all the lovely music you have sent me thus far. "
B Curtis, Donhead School

" Thanks for all your help, would be lost without a service like yours! "
N Barnfather, Cotwall End School

" In June I ordered the music for In the Hall of the Mountain King for my two sons and nieces to perform at a school concert. (They are aged 7, 9, 10 and 11). I just wanted to say thank you for your service. They all did a brilliant performance and really enjoyed it! "
S Rogers

" Thankyou so much for the horn part. Our orchestra is having so much success using your arrangements and have a great sense of achievement every time they learn a new piece of music. "
J Coker

" We are all set for our big Christmas performance thanks to the great music arranged by you!! "
P Edgerton, Elmgrove School, Belfast

" Thanks so much! Want to start it tomorrow! ........I am grateful for this 'cello part! I was looking around for manuscript paper to transpose it to bass clef! You have saved me a lot of time! "
L Hill, St Ronan`s School

" The music is fab, the kids are really enjoying it!!!! "
S Jarvis

" Love your arrangements, children really sound musical ! (The) arrangements work well for beginners, gave my orchestra a real sense of achievement- thank you! "
J Appleby, Ledbury

" I ordered some music from you last year and just wanted to say a huge thank you! We performed Balloon Ride and Chloe's Calypso in the final concert and got lots of super comments from parents. The children took to them straight away and because each part was their standard we were able to work on playing as a group rather than learning new notes - Thanks! "
L Williams, Woodlands Junior School, Harrogate

" Thankyou so much for your music for school orchestra. Our children are thrilled with the success we are having in our rehearsals. [They] are thoroughly enjoying being in the orchestra and playing your arrangements. We played in assembly last week for the first time and have a concert booked for July. So thanks once again. "
J Coker, Hanley St Luke's School

" Your music and arrangements are fantastic and very popular with the children. The members of the orchestra have never been as keen. "
C Lockwood, Shepley First School

" Fantastic Wind Band Starter Kit.
Placing my order for the Second Kit as I speak!
K Parkin, Ford House, Leeds

" We have been very pleased with the pieces we have purchased from you. "
J Coombs, St. Teresa's School, Princes Risborough

" Many thanks for all you have done. John Spereall. "
J Spereall, Tees Valley Music Service

" Just a quick note to thank you for getting the music to me so promptly. The boys have had their first rehearsal and love it already. Many Thanks. "
A McMichael, Inchmarlo Prep School

" Last year the orchestra was brilliant at St Martin's school. Thanks to your remarkable talent of arranging music, "
P Memela, St Martin`s School

" I thought I would write you a line just to say what a huge success your wind band starter kits were for my junior wind band courses that I held this weekend. They were just the right level and gave the pupils a real sense of satisfaction. My team leader was also really impressed with them and intends to use them for similar courses. Thanks again!"
V Bates, Durham County Music Service

" I just wanted to write and say a big thank you for the music, your fast and prompt service. We performed two of your arrangements at a combined schools concert this afternoon, 3 different schools performing together, they sounded brilliant! It has inspired myself, and two other music teachers both from different schools to meet more often and get the children performing together in an orchestra. So thank you for the inspiration, and here's to more music making! I'll be in touch for more music soon."
S Lulham, Cranmere Primary School, Surrey

" The music you sent for us (Ode to Joy) at Christmas was well received by both players and parents, and was performed at the Frodsham Christmas Festival. Thank you!"
C Madden, Frodsham

" Thank you for your music. I could not keep the orchestra going without it! The children love playing together and the peripatetic music teachers have remarked on the improvement in the children's playing.....I believe that they are getting an invaluable experience."
D Hayward, Swindon

" I so value your website for my orchestra. It is so great that you offer the individualised part arrangements so that each member is stretched and the piece is well balanced at the same time. I am currently using your "Midsummer Night's Dream" music with my orchestra. The Carmen and Magic Flute music last term was great. The kids loved it too! You are a terrific resource."
L Martin

" The music sent to us last term was very well received by both children and parents; the little orchestra is growing in both numbers and confidence & because the pieces are entirely suited to their needs, the quality of performance is fantastic - many thanks."
C Madden, Frodsham

" The parts you have done for me previously have been perfect."
S Kee, Hertford

" Love the new design of the website, really easy to follow. The music you prepared for "Sayers Croft" was and a huge success with all the different levels."
Yvette Madden, Surrey

" Thank you for sending the music I ordered (Mystery Mansion and Junior Jazz) so quickly, the parts are exactly the standard for the wind group I had in mind. "
S Austen, Carlisle

" Music we had before from you has been excellent - I am so pleased I found you on the internet. It has solved all of my orchestral problems!!!"
Elizabeth Reynolds, Coundon Primary School, Coventry

" I'm sure you won't mind if I say how good your compositions/arrangements are and just right for the level of my instrumentalists. "
Mr White

" We needed several approachable and tuneful pieces........there has been enough for each player to do, and results have been astounding. Yet the music has provided the kind of challenge we wanted to present to our ensembles.......the parts arrived swiftly, and beautifully printed. "
Colin Ashworth, Head of Music,
Sir Christopher Hatton School, Wellingborough, Northants

" Just to say how delighted I am with the music I have received. The children are thrilled, and we`re all looking forward to receiving the other pieces. "
Mrs B Salamonczyk, Deputy Headteacher,
St Fidelis RC School, Erith

" I need yet more music. My recorders can now play all you have written. They need more! "
Mrs J P
Brenzett School, Kent

" Thank you for your web site. It is very well presented and useful. "
Mrs J D
The Firs Junior School, Kent

" Many thanks, what did I do before I heard about you? "
Mrs N H
Hertfordshire Music Service

" I just wanted to write you a note to say how great your arrangements are for school orchestra……..the parts are clearly presented and appropriate for the ability of each child. The orchestrations are well done, with attractive and effective harmony that doesn`t drown the melody. I am still receiving praise for the brilliance of the orchestra…..I can only congratulate myself on finding you!"
Mrs J Kiely,
Amherst School, Kent

" Thanks so much for Mystery Mansion and Junior Jazz which arrived today. They are just brilliant!! I have never before had such an inspiring orchestra practice as I had this Tuesday! Three of my guitarists thought that it would sound even better on electric guitars and asked if they could bring in their electric guitars next week. I'm not used to such enthusiasm.  Thank you for providing such approachable and inspiring music, and so affordable!! I'd love to buy more straight away. "
Mrs J Dean,
The Firs Junior School, Kent

" It`s a great help to me to have something fun to work with. The children really enjoy your arrangements, and the parents love the tunes; the concerts are coming over very well............I`m a big fan, we used mostly your pieces during our OFSTED inspection, and we got a `one`! "
Yvette Madden, Conductor, Reigate Junior Strings,
SE Surrey County Music Centre

" Promenade and Foxtrot are well under rehearsal. When I played the Foxtrot theme to the first violins, one of the boys said "Ahhh, that's really lovely"!! They love it!"
Katherine Luck, West Sussex Music Service

" It is always good to receive your well thought out arrangements,the kids lap them up and really enjoy them.Thanks ever so much. "
Elaine Whitehead, Surrey County Arts West

" Many thanks for the music which arrived yesterday......nicely spaced out, well chosen fonts, and of course printing and paper quality.......your sample pages don`t do the final product justice! "
Katherine Luck
West Sussex Music Service

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